Apexo Market

Market Size is expected to reach $54 Million in 2022.

Apexo DApp

World's First Blockchain Protocol for the Apexo-Social Market.

Decentralized Network

Blockchain-based decentralized Trust Index.

What is Apexo Network?

Social media censorship is incredibly highs and also frustrating when you can't express your feelings tot he outer world.

APN is ready to break the barrier by leveraging to launch a censorship-free platform for all users, also rewarding users with the native token of Apexo Network (APN) based on their social media activities ...

➤ APN will only be used for rewarding users and paying fees across the APN ecosystem.

How much smarter are you with a phone or computer or without? You’re vastly smarter, actually. It’s just that the data rate. It’s slow, very slow. It’s like a tiny straw of information flow between your biological self and your digital self. We need to make that tiny straw like a giant river, a huge, high-bandwidth interface. – Elon Musk

Decentralized Social Media Network with zero censorship.


Blockchain-based B2B-marketplace and DApp.

Our Goals and Mission

Our Company has numerous goals that we will achieve in the next few years. We will primarily use and develop our utility token.


We will develop the first Blockchain Protocol for the Social-Media Network without censorship.

Cross-Chain Project

APN will be available on 3 different chain, this will be accessible periodically on exchanges


All DApp and Features used on APN chian will be fully audited prior to the official launching on the mainnet.

Utility Token APN

APN will be an unit for rewards for your activities on the APN chain. Users will be able to vote on governance

APN Token Economics

Our token is mainly used to coordinate the development of our goals within the group of companies.

  • Total Token Supply

    100.000.000 APN

  • Tokens for Public

    25.000.000 APN

  • Exchange Rate


  • Start

    August/September 2020

  • Minimum Purchase

    0.1 ETH

  • Maximum Purchase

    10 ETH

  • Hard Cap

    300 ETH

  • Soft Cap

    100 ETH

Distribution Of APN-Tokens


APN will be used for many development and practical purposes. Here is the structure of the total token allocation.

  • 25%

    Token Presale
  • 5%

    Airdrop & Bounty
  • 20%

    Marketing & Sales
  • 30%

    Development & Research
  • 10%

    Partnerships & Operations
  • 10%


Our RoadMap

We are disciplined and committed to achieving our goals and realizing our vision. This is how we will do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is Apexo Network?

Apexo is the first blockchain company to reward users using their a new blockchain based algorithm.

Q.What is APN-Token?

APN is our utility token to ensure liquidity and payments within our developing group of companies. It will also be used in our B2B-marketplace DApp and also in our supplier-network.

Q.Who will use APN-Tokens?

The token will guarantee liquidity in our development and research ecosystem. Our group of companies will be the main buyer of the token. Only certain percent will be available for investors.

Q.What will be the price of APN?

The presale price for Apexo Network will be announced 24hours to the presale date, market will be decide the price afterwards.

Q.How can I buy APN-Tokens?

Procedure to buy APN token will be made available to members via the official telegram channel.
You can participate in our public sale and selfdrop program. We will sell 25% of the total supply to possible investors. Our yet to be released whitepaper stipulates that only 25 percent will be available for public sale.

Q.Future Swap?

APN will b created using the erc20 token standard. A swap will be made to TRC10 & BEP-8 which will enable us to get listed on JUSTSWAP instantly & BINANCE DEX within 48 hours after swapping. This won't affect those willing to stay on the ethereum network.