Neuromorphic Market

Market Size is expected to reach $200 Billion in 2022.

B2B-Marketplace DApp

World's First Blockchain Protocol for the Neuromorphic Market.


Blockchain-based decentralized Trust Index for global Suppliers.

What is Neuromorphic Computing?

The complexity of the human brain is incredibly high and its also the system with the highest energy efficiency in the world. The main reason is the architecture, which consists more than 100 billion neurons that efficiently transfer signals through their synapses..

➤ Neuromorphic Computing is the imitation of neurobiological architecture by using electronic systems.

How much smarter are you with a phone or computer or without? You’re vastly smarter, actually. It’s just that the data rate. It’s slow, very slow. It’s like a tiny straw of information flow between your biological self and your digital self. We need to make that tiny straw like a giant river, a huge, high-bandwidth interface. – Elon Musk

Our aim is to mimic neurobiological architecture by researching neuroscience-driven neuromorphic computing by using the blockchain technology.

How its works

Future impact of neuromorphic chipsets on the AI industry.

First open source Blockchain implementation for Supplier.

Blockchain-based B2B-marketplace and DApp.

Our Goals and Mission

Our Company has numerous goals that we will achieve in the next few years. We will primarily use and develop our utility token.

B2B-Marketplace DApp

We will develop the first Blockchain Protocol for the Neuromorphic Market.


Additional Blockchain-based decentralized Trust Index for global Suppliers.

Neuromorphic Market

Partnerships with the main developers of Neuromorphic Computing.

Utility Token NMP

Our Utility Token NMP will be an unit for Companies and Educational Institutions.

Neuromorphic Chips

Our academic working groups will actively develop Neuromorphic Chips.


World’s first Blockchain and AI linked chip-technology development.

Corporate Network

Working with future-oriented Companies by using our Utility Token NMP.

Fortune Global 500

Development of chips in cooperation with large companies.

Neuromorphic NMP Token Economics

Our token is mainly used to coordinate the development of our goals within the group of companies. After our successful ICO, numerous exchanges have listed our NMP token. The NMP token can be bought and traded on the following exchanges.

  • Total Token Supply

    10.000.000 NMP

  • Tokens for Public

    2.000.000 NMP

  • Exchange Rate

    1 ETH = 200 NMP

  • Start

    February 15, 2020 (9:00AM GMT)

  • Minimum Purchase

    0.1 ETH/ 20 NMP

  • Selfdrop Price


  • Hard Cap

    1,000,000 NMP

  • Soft Cap

    200,000 NMP

Integration of the NMP-Token for Business and Research

In order to realize our goals to reach a successful development of Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing, we need to ensure that all partnered organizations and educational instituions can acquire and manage the NMP-Token.

B2B-Marketplace DApp

NMP-Token will be used by Companies and Developers in the World's First Blockchain Protocol for the Neuromorphic Market.

Development and Research

We will use NMP-Token to develop Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing. It will be used in the Development process.


Our Blockchain-based decentralized „Trust Index“ for global Neuromorphic Engineering and Computing Suppliers will use NMP-Token.

Distribution Of NMP-Tokens


The NMP-Token will be used for many development and practical purposes. Here ist he structure of the total token allocation.

  • 15%

    Token Presell
  • 5%

    Airdrop & Bounty
  • 20%

    Marketing & Sales
  • 30%

    Development & Research
  • 20%

    Partnerships & Operations
  • 10%

    Legal & Patents

Our RoadMap

We are disciplined and committed to achieving our goals and realizing our vision. This is how we will do it.

Meet Our Experts

We want to introduce you the faces of our project There are much more people involved in the background, but for strategic reasons we prefer to keep it simple.

Mr. Michael Brandt

CEO & Technology Expert

Thomas Voigt
Mr. Thomas Voigt

Neuromorphic Software Ecosystem

Christoph Seidel
Mr. Christoph Seidel

Neuromorphic Systems & Blockchain

Marcel Beck
Mr. Marcel Beck

Community Manager & Crypto Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is

Our company is an association of neuromorphic computing and blockchain experts. Our aim is to develop the world’s first blockchain-based neuromorphic computing technology.

Q.What is NMP-Token?

NMP is our utility token to ensure liquidity and payments within our developing group of companies. It will also be used in our B2B-marketplace DApp and also in our supplier-network.

Q.Who will use NMP-Tokens?

The token will guarantee liquidity in our development and research ecosystem. Our group of companies will be the main buyer of the token. Only 10 percent will be available for investors.

Q.What will be the price of NMP?

The market for neuromorphic computing will be 200 billion in 2022 and we will try to cover 7 percent of the market through our developments. Presell price will be $1,20 per NMP.

Q.How can I buy NMP-Tokens?

You can participate in our public sale and selfdrop program. We will sell 10% of the total supply to possible investors. Our whitepaper stipulates that only 10 percent will be available for public sale.

Q.How do I benefit from NMP-Token?

Our main goal is to develop blockchain-based neuromorphic computing technology. This technology ist he future and is highly linked to artificial intelligence. We believe that this technology is the future and that NMP will be the driving force in the development and research.